We expand our services for our numerous clients, including storage of gaseous and hazardous chemicals, transportation, terminal handling services, like heating, blending, temperature control, mixing using ultra-modern automation system our various terminals in Russian ports.

Terminal Handling

We provide ranges of logistic service at our terminals, including heating, blending, temperature control, mixing using ultra-modern automation system.

Tank Maintenance

We our team of experienced technical department, we ensure that our tanks are regularly maintained for safe storage of injected product, offering same services at our terminals.

Oil Storage

Our tank farms are strategically located at various terminal for easy lift to waiting vessels. We provide 110% insurance to cover the value of the stored products in our tanks

Vessel Shipping

We have license to carry out shipping operation for our international clients, and with partnership with major shipping company, for smooth transfer of petroleum products.

who we are


Why customers prefer using the services of Ocean Eco

Ocean Eco aim to meet our customers exacts need. Our customer-driven workforce continuously optimize our methodology by introducing innovative changes to improve our operations and services rendered.

Ocean Eco has achieved that by implementing the system of incoming test (initial check) of materials used in production. It ensures using only materials meeting the requirements of technical norms and conditions, state regulations and project documentation for each exact item. Initial material check includes the test of surface quality, geometric parameters, chemical composition and mechanical features.The system of incoming test allows reducing the level of manufacturing defects to a degree, much lower than the one, stipulated by the branch standards.




Products delivery by railway has been one of the most popular and demanded…


Sea transportation is one of our top-priorities. We will your ship your goods to any destination worldwide….


Our pipelines system are used to transport a number of substances including natural gas, fuels, 

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Ozernovskaya Kosa Street, building 11
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky City,
Kamchatka Territory
683980 , Russia
Email: [email protected]
Telephon: +7 (495) 295-2032

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