Responsibility is core to our culture. It defines how we work, how we behave and how we interact with our customers, our partners and our communities.

Ocean Eco appreciates the risks involved in our sector and take our responsibilities extremely seriously. We understand that our reputation depends on our honouring our commitments, doing what is right for the long-term and always treating others with respect.

Our long-term outlook enables us to invest in relationships and defines how we manage our physical assets. We seek to conduct our business in line with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and to work with partners who share our commitment to high international standards of operation, wherever they are based, and to act with consideration to local stakeholders.

We are proud of the partnerships we have built over many years. We work collaboratively with our partners to try and find the best long-term solutions, which we deliver efficiently and safely.

Our commitment

We appreciate the risks involved in the energy and commodities sector and take our responsibility towards health, safety and the environment extremely seriously. Furthermore, we are aware that our actions could impact a broader stakeholder group, including the communities in which we operate and we seek to mitigate impact and risks where possible.

In all our physical operations we seek to work with partners who share our commitment to high international standards of operation. The infrastructure upon which we rely, from ships to jetties and storage, is subject to our due diligence processes.

All asset based companies which are part of Ocean Eco have high international HSE standards and the appropriate HSE procedures and policies in place, and comply with relevant legislation.


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QSHE)

At Ocean Eco, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QSHE), is an integral part of our business and we take them very seriously. We have acquired all the necessary and appropriate certificates that meet environmental and industry standards. ​

We have well-trained staff, who are highly skilled, driven by the passion in their work. Our well trained staffs are experts with years of experience driven by passion in their work, which translate automatically to taking responsibility for their own safety and that of their environment. In addition to to our ultra modern, state-of-the-art equipment, and detailed safety and operating measures, we continually invest in training and retraining our works to be ahead.

To enable us increase safety in our work, and improve our work environment, we work closely with stakeholders, by sharing knowledge and experiences

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